Turtle Beach Lodge, Tortuguero Costa RicaThe fertil Atlantic slope drains into the Caribbean Sea at Costa Rica´s remote northeastern border with Nicaragua, along the San Juan River. Here, the Barra del Colorado Wilidlife Refuge and the 20,000 hectare Tortuguero National Park, do their bit to protect their famous network of canals, tributaries and the vast green, alluvial plain.

Dark brown waters in the 160km of inland canals crisscross untame, low-lying forest and mangrove swamps of the northeast region, allowing tranditional means of transportation between tiny villages and plantations. The Amazon-like canals provide a window on the environment and are a wonderful way to see birds, monkeys and other wildlife. Of the 16 endangered mammals in Costa Rica, 13 of them are found in the parks nearby. 

You can fly in and out to Tortguero but, unless you ´re in a hurry to have life pass you by, take the slow boat tours and stay at least 2 nights here.

Turtle beach Lodge is located located 5 kms from Tortuguero Village. Please check our Map: