On Site

Remarkable adventures await you right on the grounds of Turtle Beach Lodge. We are located in Tortuguero National Park and offers beach access as well as rainforest and canal environments. Our 175 acre property always provides something exciting to see or do! Stroll along the Caribbean Sea, fish in the surf or canal, explore the acres of unspoiled jungle, swim in the pool, relax in the hammock hut or bar and games area or kayak the adjoining Canal of Palms - all without leaving the property.


The following guided tours are available by reservation. Your guide will help you choose which tours you would like to include during your stay. Don't forget your camera, as each tour offers one of a kind photo opportunities for both professional and amateur photographers. Be sure and browse our PHOTO GALLERY for a wonderful array of photographs from the different tours.

Garden Tour

The Garden Tour provides the opportunity to explore the plants and flowers grown in the gardens of Turtle Beach Lodge. From the tour of the medicinal garden to learn the local uses of medicinal plants to hearing how the developers and gardeners at Turtle Beach Lodge contribute to the health and preservation of our turtle population, you will come away from the Garden Tour with a new appreciation and enjoyment of the foliage of Costa Rica and the gardens of the lodge.

Jungle Tour

A guided tour of the jungle, our guides will explain the layout of the trails, the way the jungle environment works together, help you spot wildlife and give you safety tips for when you explore the jungle on your own.



Tortuguero National Park and Canal of Palms Boat Tour

The black waters of the lodge’s private canal, the Canal of Palms and throughout the National Park is caused by the tannins from certain trees that grow in the area. The canal waters flow slowly, which cause a dramatic mirror image reflection of the lush foliage that is constantly changing. This tour is slow paced, with many opportunities for asking questions, spotting wildlife and pondering the magic of the unique waterways. The sights and sounds vary from day to day, but typically, wildlife is active early in the morning, while a sunny afternoon is perfect to find fresh water turtles, caiman and lizards sunning on logs along the banks of the canals. There is an additional charge of $10.00 per person to enter Tortuguero National Park.

Tortuguero Town Tour

The town of Tortuguero has a fairly basic life style. Wash is done by hand and hung on trees, bushes, and occasionally a clothes line. With the frequency of showers, sometimes it hangs there for days. There are no cars and as you walk through the town you will find children at play like anywhere else in the world. The play will be imaginative and simple like it was before television and computers, though internet HAS made it to Tortuguero and there is even an internet cafe. There are a few shops and restaurants in Tortuguero and be sure to walk the little foot paths among the houses. These paths are the roads of the town. To venture down them is to discover rustic charm as if from another time.


Jungle Canopy Tour

A fun adventure for the whole family, Tortuguero Canopy has eleven platforms, seven zip lines and four hanging bridges. Lasting approximately 1 1/2 hours, the equipment and safety regulations are certified by the I.C.T (Costa Rica Tourism Board).

Turtle Watching Tour

(in season) The Atlantic Green Turtles have been coming to the Caribbean beaches of Tortuguero for centuries to lay their eggs. Much has been researched and written about them. When the baby turtles grow to adulthood they return to the same beach where they were hatched. At Turtle Beach Lodge you have the unique opportunity to witness these magical events! During the prime season from June through early October we have nightly turtle watching tours right on our own beach. Read the stories HERE and written about two such occasions.

Bird Watching Tour

(more info coming soon)