Tours and Amenities

Turtle Beach Lodge is an action packed destination for a series of nature based activities and high adventure tours, since it has the distinction of being the sole property to be housed within the lush confines of the Tortuguero National Park and is conveniently accessible to the adjoining beach along with the surrounding rainforest and canals. Turtle Beach Lodge also puts together many tours that showcase the bountiful beauty of the region such as garden tours, jungle hikes (visitors can spot the region’s majestic wildlife creations), boat tours through Turtle Lodge’s canal back waters. The most interesting tours here however are the Turtle Watching Tours (from June to early October). The much talked about turtle tours have the baby turtles retuning to the ocean coast where they were hatched. Visitors get to witness this spellbinding and naturally miraculous phenomenon first hand.

In addition to this, Turtle Beach Lodge guests can go a cultural expedition of the Tortuguero town (to assimilate the area’s rather fascinating and unusual Afro-Caribbean inspired culture), a guided walk through the dramatic Tortuguero Mountain and a pulsating Jungle Canopy Tour. Guests can also participate in a guided bird watching hike with an expert naturalist.

Turtle Beach Lodge’s impressive list if amenities include a chic restaurant, a rancho bar, a large turtle-shaped pool, immaculately landscaped gardens, a restful hammock hut, a large number of isolated forest trails and an almost castaway canal.

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The best way to surround yourself and enjoy the wildlife of the river completely in silence

Turtle Beach Lodge in Tortuguero National Park, is a secluded resort spanning 175 acres. It encompasses miles of jungle trails, a meandering private canal and a half mile of isolated beach on the Caribbean Sea.


Spawning consists of being able to see when small sea turtles come out of their eggs, come to the surface from under the sand and quickly head out to sea. The best time to see this is from August 15 onwards until the end of September and perhaps until the middle of October. During the tour it is possible that you can observe other species of flora and fauna, such as a reptile, insect amphibian or maybe hopefully even a mammal. While it is true that they are difficult to see, Tortuguero is one of the parks where jaguars, pumas and other large mammals are most abundant. If you are interested in knowing more, please send us an EMAIL to book one of our tours.


Tortuguero is one of the best sport fishing areas in Costa Rica. However, as it is a natural area under protection, sport fishing can only be carried out under certain conditions and without affecting the environment. One of the reasons why Tortuguero is so good at fishing, are its canals and its exits to the sea.